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Hung muscle top Austin Wild fucks Eli Hunter

Written by admin on December 4, 2013 – 11:31 am

Austin Wilde and Eli Hunter

Austin Wilde has wanted to be inside Eli Hunter’s bubble butt since the first moment he saw it. So he heads down to the beach to toss around the football and find out what exactly turns a straight guy like Eli on.

Austin loves fucking straight guys — and tells a wild story about one of his favorites. But you can only talk about football and sex for so long, and instead of sticking around for the sunset, the guys head back to get it on.

Back in the the house, the boys devour each other in a sexual rampage. Eli seems to like getting fucked by Austin’s huge dick a little more than he originally portrayed. He also seems to enjoy Austin cumming all over his hole and eating it out. Who wouldn’t? After all, it’s just two guys, regardless of sexuality, enjoying an orgasm together.

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Brooks fucks Cain’s ass bareback

Written by admin on July 6, 2013 – 6:17 am

Brooks barebacks Cain

Cain is back at Sean Cody for his first hardcore scene and he already has to prove his bottoming skills. Brooks has a pretty big cock and is quite a wild fucker. He barebacks Cain in this hot new Sean Cody release. Be sure to check it out!

Watch the full length scene at Sean Cody

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Dale Cooper and Alexander Garrett flip flop

Written by admin on June 19, 2013 – 11:12 am

Dale Cooper and Alexander Garrett fuck

The broad, naked back belongs to Alexander Garrett. His face is hidden, his mouth latched onto one of Dale Cooper’s nipples. He works Dale’s shirt off, then grabs him by the neck. They joust with their tongues. Dale’s erection needs no help to bust out of the waistband of his briefs, where it finds Alexander’s mouth waiting. Alexander’s massive cock makes a long, slow, downward curve — the kind that slides handily down a guy’s throat.

Dale adds some spit and flourishes, playing with Alexander’s foreskin. Then he tickles Alexander’s hole with his mustache before giving it a thorough tongue-lashing. Alexander encourages the ass play by driving a finger in alongside Dale’s tongue. Dale takes his heavy cock and takes control, topping Alexander. That’s just fine with Alexander, who spreads the hairy halves of his buttocks and thrusts in counterpoint to Dale’s pounding.

They separate, and now Alexander sinks his curved cock into Dale, grabbing Dale’s rod like the pommel on a saddle. Drilling deep and fast, Alexander triggers a huge gush of jism from Dale in a single mighty burst then presses his sweaty flanks to Dale’s face and bastes it with semen.

Download the full length video here

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Justin Owen fucks Lance Alexander’s hole

Written by admin on May 4, 2013 – 8:19 am

Justin Owen and Lance Alexander

My Bud Lance Alexander introduced me to a friend of his, Justin Owen. They have hung out at the beach a couple of times and Lance told him about an easy way to make some money and have fun. Justin was all for it, he told Lance he loves being naked! So I met Justin at the beach and took some photos that you will see on his solo scene next month.

It got so hot Justin Owen ended up jerking off on the beach. We talked walking back to the car and Justin mentioned he thought Lance was kinda hot and maybe I could arrange something. Well before he changed his mind I got the two of them together and you are going to love watching this hot scene where Justin begs Lance to let him fuck him… or was it Lance begging Justin to fuck him?

I was so busy ‘filming’ this scene that I don’t remember how it started but I will never forget how it ended. Hope you guys love this scene as much as I loved bringing it to you!

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Big dicked Cuban stud Mario Costa fucks Isaac Harvey

Written by admin on April 26, 2013 – 3:14 pm

Mario Costa fucks Isaac Harvey

This week we have one of Extra Big Dicks favorite sons back in the house as we welcome back hung hottie Mario Costa. It’s been a while since we’ve had this Cuban hottie and his anaconda with us and as lucky as we are to have him back, this week’s costar, Isaac Hardy, is going to be even luckier. Isaac and Mario come back from a game and make themselves at home as they discuss plans for the night.

Isaac takes off his tee as he says he may go for a beer later. Mario can’t help but notice his defined chest and abs and tells Isaac he’s looking good as he pulls off his own shirt. That just leads to a make out session as they both strip down to their briefs. Mario goes down to check out Isaac’s cock as he pulls off his underwear and gets to work on that dick. Isaac moans as Mario swallows his cock to the hilt.

After a while Isaac feels he needs to return the favor as he switches places with Mario. “Holy Shit’ he gasps ‘it’s huge!” Isaac opens wide and takes Mario’s meat as far as he can. Mario just moans as he watches Isaac go to town on his thick uncut cock. Isaac swirls his tongue on the head of that fat dick, taking his time as he worships every inch Mario’s giving him.

From there they maneuver into a hot 69 so they can each get all the cock they could want. All this oral just gets Mario’s dick ready for more. He suits up and sits back as Isaac slowly impales himself on his cock. Isaac takes it like a champ as he slides that tight ass all the way down until Mario’s balls are up against his ass. He starts to ride that cock as his eyes roll back in ecstasy.

He loves that big dick up his ass as he starts to bounce on that dick harder. “That’s huge!” he says over and over as Mario’s cock stretches his ass wide open. Mario then bends Isaac over and fucks him doggy as Isaac just groans and begs for more. Mario’s cock is buried deep inside that ass and Isaac can’t seem to get enough.

Missionary is next as Mario gets right back to tappin that ass with Isaac still struggling to accommodate his fat cock. That fat dick does the trick as they both near climax. Mario pulls out and sits above Isaacs head and jacks his thick load all over Isaac’s chest as Isaac blows his own wad all over his happy trail.

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Topher DiMaggio fucks Jake Genesis

Written by admin on December 17, 2012 – 6:15 am

Topher fucks Jake

“Isn’t he hot?” Topher DiMaggio asks as he rubs Jake Genesis‘ muscular chest. The answer is a resounding “FUCK YES!” Both studs have bodies that look like they were chiseled from stone and cocks as hard as granite. They take turns swallowing each other down to the base of their massive shafts.

Topher spreads Jakes white ass and tongues his gaping hole. Jake begs for Topher’s cock, and after a little teasing, Topher gives in. He plugs Jake with every last inch of this long rod. Jake strokes his cock and moans wildly as Topher slams deep inside him.

Topher fucks Jake as long as he can before he unleashes a huge load all over his face. Jake fingers and licks up the mess. Jake Genesis then blasts a creamy load of his own onto his ripped abs. Jake once again eats a finger full of cum before rewarding Topher with a final kiss.

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