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Two well hung hunks fucking

Written by admin on September 5, 2010 – 11:38 am

Two new faces on and they come from opposite ends of the Atlantic. The first is Hanz Dinkler, a 26 years old who comes from European stock and we’re glad to have all 8,5 inches of his to play with. Representing the U.S. of A. is a larger than life 23 years old Texan that answers to the name of Micah Jones. This beefy auburn son of the Lone Star State measures in at 6’4 and also packs an impressive package.

Hanz is proof positive to the old adage “Big things come in small packages”. Well, this afternoon that cock of his will definitely get tickled; but Micah will be using Hanz’ back door and 8 incher to do it. Micah licks at Hanz’ smooth chest before Hanz can strip off Micah’s tee and have at him. He licks and works Micah’s nips. Micah teases Hanz a bit before getting up and putting his growing crotch in his face.

Hanz pulls Micah’s growing cock out of his boxers. Micah has a thick pink cock that’s coming to life and growing by the second. Micah moans as he gets that Texan pole polished. “Yeah you want me to fuck your mouth?” Micah teases as he holds Hanz by a fistful of hair. He slaps his thick cock on Hanz’ face before slamming it back down his throat.

Micah then wants to see what all that hype was about as he gets on his knees and hauls out Hanz’ cock. Micah spits on Hanz’ cock before taking it into his mouth. Micah loves that fat uncut cock and takes his time worshipping it as he runs his tongue all over it and playfully slaps his face with it. They stand and compare swords as they rub their massive cocks together. Micah’s had enough foreplay and he grabs Hanz and throws him onto the couch.

He suits up and takes Hanz’ ass. He slides in missionary as Hanz groans and takes all thick 8” up his tight ass. “You like that?” Micah teases as Hanz just begs him for more. Micah’s big and naturally smooth. He easily pounds away at Hanz compact, defined frame. Micah then bends over the hot little import and fucks him doggy style. He towers over Hanz as he grabs him by the shoulders and neck and impales him back onto his thick cock.

He has Hanz skewered on his fat cock and Hanz won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Micah’s smooth balls pound away at that hot ass as Hanz just moans and whimpers beneath him. Micah then has Hanz sit on his cock as he fucks up into that ass for more. Hanz can’t hold back any longer as he unloads as Micah continues to fuck his hole. Micah then pulls out and jacks a massive load all over Hanz’ defined abs and chest.


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Corey gets a Handjob

Written by admin on July 22, 2010 – 1:57 am

There is nothing bad about a little light bondage and when Corey stopped by I knew I had my guy. He was so tired he passed out on the bed, and that is when I stepped in and took advantage of him. I rubbed his cock in his jeans and then unbuttoned them to play with that dick in his undies.

I wanted those jeans off of him, so I moved to the foot of the bed and took his shoes off. I took one up to his face and put it on his nose, but he didn’t move an inch. I went back down to the bottom of the bed at this point and peeled his pants off sliding them off his legs slowly until they were on the floor. I’m pretty sure at this point he is playing possum and pretending to be asleep, but I go with it. I grab my rope and tie his wrists to the bed so that I can have my way with him.

As soon as I get his undies off and begin to jerk on his cock he moans and then I know for sure that he is awake. He soon begins to talk to me as I rub and jerk on his cock telling me how great my handjob feels on his cock. He tries to lift his arms off the bed to join me in stroking his cock, but he can’t.

I add some lube and begin to jerk on that hard dick even more as he moans and watches me through hooded lids. I rub his stomach and legs while I masturbate his cock and he is really moaning, he is even adding some words in here and there. I know he is close to cumming I can feel it.

He really wants to grab that cock now and the binds I have him won’t let him so he is a bit frustrated as he rides the edge before he cums. I begin to talk to him about his cock and he tells me to stroke it just like that and I tell him to pop his shit, and he explodes that dick cream all over his stomach and my hand.

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Two hung Euro studs

Written by admin on June 7, 2010 – 1:06 pm

What’s better than sucking on a hot dude’s nice fat cock? Sucking on your own! Bruno Flex starts the scene off in bed, getting himself hard by sucking his own cock while Marco Parelli cleans up in the shower. When Marco is all squeaky clean he walks into the bedroom to find Bruno stroking his massive cock and the two immediately begin making out.

Unable to resist that huge dick, Marco makes his way to Bruno’s crotch and begins servicing him with his mouth. Then Marco whips out his cock and so Bruno can show off his amazing deep throating skills. Ready to be fucked, Marco bends over so Bruno can lube up his hot ass with some spit. After Bruno’s done teasing Marco’s hole with his fingers he shoves his cock up in there while Marco backs his ass up onto Bruno’s big thick dick.

Once Bruno’s done pumping Marco’s hole he lays down in bed so HE can get fucked. Marco fucks him hard and fast until Bruno shoots his load all over himself. Marco pulls out immediately after and works out a nice thick load all over Bruno’s face and tongue.

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Will fucks Tyler’s tight ass

Written by admin on January 14, 2010 – 3:15 pm

New lad Tyler doesn’t know what he is in for; Will’s abs are not only ultra ripped but his hips have been in training! The guys strip and suck each other, Will hardly able to believe how thick and long Tyler’s cock is, he is hardly able to get half way down the big piece of meat, though Tyler seems to have no issues gobbling down on his favourite porn stars cock!

They do some great 69’ing with Will managing to keep his balance by holding on with his big toe! The fucking starts slow… well, for about three seconds and then Tyler just sits down on the whole of Will’s impressive erection, gasps loud, eyes slightly water and he just starts riding it like he is riding the grand national!

Here is a lad who loves to get fucked and the two of them manage about 6 positions without Will’s cock coming out. The fucking is rough, deep and hard and Tyler is first to unload quickly followed by Will who drowns Tyler all over his face, in his mouth, hair and almost everywhere, Will just cums buckets!

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Caden Lyle at College Dudes 24/7

Written by admin on December 29, 2009 – 2:48 pm

Caden Lyle is the hottest 18 year old we have worked with in a long time! From the minute you see this stud you will be drooling over his amazing arms, pecs, abs, and legs – but when he works up his rock hard dick you will be in heaven. Caden is packing a thick cock and he works it every way he can in this sexy jerk off vid. After showing us every angle of his great body, Caden explodes all over himself in a shower of cum.

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Colin Stride Busts A Nut

Written by admin on December 9, 2009 – 9:15 am

Colin Stride is a blue-eyed beautiful 19 year old Southern stud with a sensual personality and a nice athletic bod. As soon as his pants come off, you can see his natural pubes and thick cock, and Colin wastes no time getting a hard-on and stroking. We were a little surprised at how much he enjoys playing with his asshole while he jerks it – but his fingers keep gravitating to his virgin asshole.

This vid is a real turn on as Colin stares into the camera while he is rubbing one out, and he gives us an amazingly sexy show. After jerking on the bookshelf he moves to the bed, where he gives everyone a good look at both his nice butt and rock hard dick before rolling over and jizzing a big load all over himself!

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