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Nick Sterling is back

Written by admin on October 20, 2011 – 2:12 pm

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Nick Sterling is one hot jock. His beautiful muscle stud gym body is so cut you could run your tongue through every single ridge and crease and hit every single muscle.

And his handsome face and charming smile, coupled with his outgoing friendly personality, would never lead you to believe this guy has an enormous sexual appetite and a penchant for dirty sex.

And since he started he’s gotten even more muscular and hotter than ever.  Check out this hot bonus set of photos which highlight Nick’s incredible body and hot bubble butt.

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Rex and Ricky flipflop

Written by admin on October 22, 2010 – 4:12 am

Rex and Ricky have one of the coolest relationships that I have witnessed in some time. They are obviously real good friends but they definitely are into each other sexually. They got along like they were married but they were completely uninhibited and genuinely out for a good time with whatever feels good. These two definitely made our trip more fun.

If you haven’t fully experienced heat until you have spent some time in the heat of the summer in the middle of nowhere Texas. The boys spent most of their days in the pool. Rex and Ricky jumped in the pool naked and put on a show for us.

I talked about their special relationship and now everyone gets to see it for their selves. Watching Rex take Ricky’s huge cock into his mouth over and over was hot. Then they traded places in the pool and Ricky sucked on Rex’s rock hard cock. They were both eager and hungry as they ate ass like it was their last meal.

Rex decided that he was going to go first and he bent Ricky over the pool and fuck him good. After taking Rex’s cock for a while, Ricky decided that it was his turn. Ricky put Rex on his back and fucked him deep with his huge tool. Rex almost immediately shot his load after Ricky started to drill him deep. Ricky then shot a huge load that covered Rex’s face and mouth. Man they made this trip fun.

Download the full video here

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Will fucks Tyler’s tight ass

Written by admin on January 14, 2010 – 3:15 pm

New lad Tyler doesn’t know what he is in for; Will’s abs are not only ultra ripped but his hips have been in training! The guys strip and suck each other, Will hardly able to believe how thick and long Tyler’s cock is, he is hardly able to get half way down the big piece of meat, though Tyler seems to have no issues gobbling down on his favourite porn stars cock!

They do some great 69’ing with Will managing to keep his balance by holding on with his big toe! The fucking starts slow… well, for about three seconds and then Tyler just sits down on the whole of Will’s impressive erection, gasps loud, eyes slightly water and he just starts riding it like he is riding the grand national!

Here is a lad who loves to get fucked and the two of them manage about 6 positions without Will’s cock coming out. The fucking is rough, deep and hard and Tyler is first to unload quickly followed by Will who drowns Tyler all over his face, in his mouth, hair and almost everywhere, Will just cums buckets!

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Caden Lyle at College Dudes 24/7

Written by admin on December 29, 2009 – 2:48 pm

Caden Lyle is the hottest 18 year old we have worked with in a long time! From the minute you see this stud you will be drooling over his amazing arms, pecs, abs, and legs – but when he works up his rock hard dick you will be in heaven. Caden is packing a thick cock and he works it every way he can in this sexy jerk off vid. After showing us every angle of his great body, Caden explodes all over himself in a shower of cum.

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Colin Stride Busts A Nut

Written by admin on December 9, 2009 – 9:15 am

Colin Stride is a blue-eyed beautiful 19 year old Southern stud with a sensual personality and a nice athletic bod. As soon as his pants come off, you can see his natural pubes and thick cock, and Colin wastes no time getting a hard-on and stroking. We were a little surprised at how much he enjoys playing with his asshole while he jerks it – but his fingers keep gravitating to his virgin asshole.

This vid is a real turn on as Colin stares into the camera while he is rubbing one out, and he gives us an amazingly sexy show. After jerking on the bookshelf he moves to the bed, where he gives everyone a good look at both his nice butt and rock hard dick before rolling over and jizzing a big load all over himself!

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Brad jacks off

Written by admin on November 12, 2009 – 10:49 am

Meet Brad Keller, an adorable 21 year old guy from the South. In this Badpuppy episode, Brad makes a dildo from his own cock. He then plays with his newly made toy and strokes off till he blows a nice wad over his abs.

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